Elevate your practice with the 阵线节
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Elevate your practice with the 阵线节

1 year ago · 2 min read

As the dust from the current health crisis begins to settle, the implications are clear. 客户 are facing unique challenges related to increased fraud impacts, significant business interruption losses, massive economic damages concerns, 破产, impairment and other valuation-related issues. 法医 and valuation services (FVS) professionals are uniquely positioned to help their clients work through these massive challenges, 因此, will be essential to providing critical guidance and advisory services to help navigate the uncertainty and work through the chaos and confusion.

Whether you are an established professional who performs forensic accounting or valuation analysis or you are looking to provide your clients with additional support during these unprecedented times, AICPA的 阵线节 has the 资源 and tools you need to elevate your practice.

Why join the 阵线节?

The 阵线节 offers an unparalleled one-stop experience for forensic accounting and business valuation practitioners. It is the premier provider of comprehensive professional guidance and tools, exceptional learning initiatives, advocacy and community.

  • 宣传, As the voice of 协会成员 who provide forensic and valuation services, we promote and protect your interests with regulators and other third parties.

  • 技术指导, Industry-leading practice aids, accounting & 评估指南, white papers and other references serve as non-authoritative guidance on critical topics impacting your forensic or valuation services practice

  • 〇新闻和信息 独家, essential FVS communications offer insight on technical issues and promote client communications and business development.

  • 实践的发展, 资源 focused on helping forensic accountants and valuation specialists develop or expand your services.

  • Professional development – Discounts on the FVS 会议, 研讨会, 学校, 考试复习课程, 证书项目, webcasts and publications dedicated to helping forensic accountants and valuation specialists improve their expertise and achieve career goals.

  • 社区- Networking opportunities, 会议, 资源, 事件, volunteer committees and task forces allow you to connect with your peers.

Professional standards

协会成员, and others as required by state boards of accountancy, are required to comply with the following standards when engaged to perform these services as defined:

  • Statement on Standards for 法律服务 No. 1(社保基金1)

  • Statement on Standards for 评估服务, Valuation of a Business, Business Ownership Interest, Security, or Intangible Asset (VS Section 100 or SSVS)

  • Statement on Standards for Consulting Services, Consulting Services: Definitions and Standards (CS Section 100 or SSCS)

The 阵线节 provides members with access to FAQs, 检查清单, sample language and more to support compliance with these standards.

独家 member benefits

As an 阵线节 member, you’ll have direct access to critical 资源 and technical guidance to help you upskill and prepare your practice. You’ll have access to:

  • 一个广泛的 阵线学习图书馆 which includes practice aids, accounting & 评估指南 toolkits, 订婚信, 白皮书, quick reference guides and our quarterly Eye on Fraud reports.

  • Business Reference Guide Online which serves as your guide to rule-of-thumb pricing.

  • 道伯特追踪 for reported and unreported “evidentiary gatekeeping” cases.

  • Expert Witness Profiler for access to extensive studies (profiles) of expert witness professional backgrounds.

  • MergerShark数据库 for discounted access to M&A and fair value multiples and financial data.

  • 法医估值 & Litigation Expert 新闻letter for discounted access to articles on the most relevant issues for your FVS practice.

  • Up to 13 hours of FREE CPE每年,.

  • Standing Ovation Recognition 程序, that seeks to recognize young CPAs and finance professionals in FVS who exhibit exemplary professional achievement

Join our FVS Community

As we work our way through post-pandemic times, the demand for forensic and valuation services will continue to grow. Now is the time to elevate your skills and client service offerings. Capitalize on your unique differentiators and develop a position of enhanced credibility and value with your clients, 雇主, litigators and the public.

Learn more and join the 法医 & 评估服务 (FVS) Section.

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What did you think of this?

Every bit of feedback you provide will help us improve your experience

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