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Learn More About the Value of 会员 in the Employee Benefit Plan 审计 Quality Center

加入ing the Employee Benefit Plan 审计 Quality Center can help your firm demonstrate its commitment to quality in the performance of ERISA audits. Leveraging the benefits of the Center will enable your firm to access resources designed to enhance your audit quality and will assist your firm in applying audit best practices.


费 for membership in the Employee Benefit Plan 审计 Quality Center are based on the number of CPAs in your firm as of the date of your firm's most recent fiscal year end and are assessed annually.


Employee Benefit Plan 审计 Quality Center

Members highlight how the EBPAQC tools and resources have helped their firm provide quality audit services to employee benefit plans



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Savings on Professional Liability Insurance

The EBPAQC is pleased to offer a valuable benefit to Center members in recognition of your commitment to performing quality audits: The 188bet亚洲真人体育下载 Professional Liability Insurance Program will award a  优质信贷 to firms that are members of the Center.